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Wisdom teeth surgery requires a lot of precision. To be on the save side have your wisdom teeth surgery done by an experienced dental surgeon. This is because they perform wisdom teeth surgeries with very high precision and also take very good care of complication if one comes up. Sometimes, during the surgery there is heavy bleeding or the patient experiences low blood pressure or other similar complications. When it comes to this type of situations the best doctors to handle it are the oral surgeons’ not normal dentist. Therefore, to take care of complications at the time of extraction, it is better to get the extraction by dental surgeons.

It is very important to trust your dentist or surgeon, this is because if you don’t trust them it will make you less supportive towards dentist and make you feel insecure as well. Thus it is very important to collaborate by giving full support to your dentist while he or she is taking care of your wisdom teeth and try not to feel nervous about the situation.

At times wisdom tooth erupt only partially as it fails to emerge fully. When this happens the best solution always comes from a qualified surgeon. Also at times these wisdom teeth emerge horizontally and not vertically, thus also demanding to be extracted immediately. An impacted wisdom tooth can be the cause of headaches and can make it uncomfortable to eat certain foods.

Wisdom teeth removal or third molar erupt between the age of 17-25 yrs when the person is in their late teens or early youth. This wisdom tooth has no use or function in the mouth, thus they are always recommended for removal by dentist, this is because the teeth might cause other problems in the mouth in the future. These wisdom teeth are also liable to attract diseases in the mouth; also their chances of sticking to food particles are very high. A series of Dental X-Rays along with proper examination of the wisdom teeth is essential before the extraction. It is always good to perform this wisdom teeth extraction at a young age because at a younger age they is less complications than in the later years of life hence thus it is recommended that this procedure take place as soon as possible.

Also in line with young age the healing process is much greater and faster at this age though it may seem more traumatic at youth. However, there is no specific age for extraction, only the need to remedy a problem. The extraction is good at this age because, it is better to have the extraction when wisdom tooth roots are in forming stage because the extraction will go smoother.

When this wisdom tooth is remove much care and attention is required, following all the instruction given by the dentist or surgeon. Once the numbness is over after several hours then the pain starts developing which can be unbearable for some people. There exist other means that may help you alleviate the pain, one of this means is to put a moist cloth in the area, also keeping a firm bite on the area can cut the bleeding and reduce pain. Also make sure you take the prescribed medication which often times includes antibiotics to prevent infection and pain medicine to reduce the pain.

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Wisdom Teeth Surgery

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This article was published on 2011/02/15