Transcription process begins with medical dictation

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Many physicians are not aware of the fact that there are many types of software also available to make the process of medical transcription convenient and easy. Some of them are even not sure of what tool can be of their best help. Medical transcription is used by the doctors or the institutions to transcribe the dictation into reports of the patients’ medical history. The medical transcriptionists are the people who are in charge of these Medical dictations.

These professionals understand that the tiniest error on their part can lead to untoward consequences in the life of the patients, to avoid that the transcriptionists make sure that they provide flawless work and accurate reports. They are skilled and responsible enough to be aware of the importance and the seriousness of their work. This sense of realization ensures that they handle the dictations with intense care. For which they have to be highly trained with the language and also have the knowledge of the medical jargon so as to not have any errors in the reports.

Along with them there are other convenient ways in which the medical transcription can be done. There are softwares available that can take care of the transcription of the reports completely.  It is amazing at the speed the technology has developed. Voice recognition technology was only suitable for the input of numbers and single words where the input was expected by the people. When this software is used for medical transcription, it must be accurate enough to translate speech into text. Medical dictation software has greatly improved the output of a medical transcriptionist but it will never take the place of a transcriptionist. Someone is always needed to supervise the work but now with the softwares, they can do that in much less time and use an interface that is much easier to navigate.

There are following solutions that take care of medical dictation -- Digital Voice Dictation- in this a doctor dictates straight into voice recorder without giving extra attention to the clarity of his speech. He can record from any place and send his dictations to a transcriptionist through an internet connection. Second is Dragon Digital Recorder -- care should be taken about how well the doctor speaks with respect to speed, clarity, and pronunciation. Dragon recorder can transcribe a dictated note at speeds of 140 words per minute. The digital dictation file is then transferred from the digital voice recorder to a computer that is equipped with the Dragon Medical solution. The file can be transferred through different channels ranging from Email, USBs, FTPs and other alternatives.

In order to ensure that the Medical dictations are right so that the transcriptions are flawless, medical professionals also have to put in great efforts. They have to clearly dictate to the transcriptionists and give them all the obligatory details to be included in the transcription. If there are words that are likely to be misinterpreted it is better to spell it out so that there is no confusion.

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Transcription process begins with medical dictation

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Transcription process begins with medical dictation

This article was published on 2012/03/30