Traditional vs. Naturopathic Medicine

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You may have started hearing more and more about Naturopathic medicine lately. You know that a Naturopathic in Portland will not be hard to find.  Perhaps you have heard people talking about Naturopathic medicine, and you would like to understand what it is exactly.  The most important thing to understand about Naturopathic medicine is that it is quite different from traditional medicine.  This article will define each type of medicine, and illustrate the most obvious differences between the two.
Traditional medicine is a common name given when referring to the type of medicine practiced in the Western world. This type of medicine is a relatively new approach, especially when compared to the Chinese art of healing which has been practiced for thousands of years.  Traditional medicine is based on fact.  It is scientific. In order to practice traditional medicine, you are required to acquire data, and proof.  Your doctor has to be able to show his proof in a medical laboratory setting.  There is absolutely no guesswork.  When using traditional medicine, treating the wrong disease can be more dangerous than the disease you already have. 
Naturopathic medicine is quite different than traditional medicine. A Naturopathic in Portland will focus more on the immune system as a whole. As opposed to having to find the exact problem, find proof for the problem, and prove the problem exists using science, naturopathic medicine focuses more on prevention. In Naturopathic medicine, the same steps used for prevention will typically cure the disease. Naturopathic medicine always helps the body be able to help itself. 
Treating the root of the problem, as opposed to the symptom is the number one difference between Naturopathic and traditional medicine.  For example, in traditional medicine, a headache will be treated with aspirin or ibuprofen, bringing down swelling and eliminating the pain.  Conversely, a Naturopathic in Portland will be more interested in finding out what is causing the headache, and treating that. If the headache is caused by poor diet and dehydration, your Naturopathic doctor will alter your diet and fluid intake, thereby not only resolving your current headache, but also trying to eliminate future headaches by giving the body what it needs. 
Traditional and Naturopathic medicine both have their place in this modern society.  There are certain conditions and illnesses that have been brought on by the current lifestyle and environment that may be difficult to treat in situations where a lifestyle or environment change is impossible. However, finding a Naturopathic Portland will give you additional wisdom and understanding about your body that you can use hand in hand with traditional medicine to be as healthy as you can be.

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Traditional vs. Naturopathic Medicine

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This article was published on 2011/05/07