Pain in the Teeth, Gums and Herbs

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Proper brushing, denial of food containing sugar and white flour, frequent visits to the dentist and diligent compliance with the advice you disappears from dental problems. Despite all the resolutions but it do not cause the nose in the trough and downspouts Board and comply with the rules and the problem is here. And if only that he is in you and in addition to the important places, such as your smile. But at that time that is usually the time that there...

The tooth is its lower bezesklovinnou often reside in the gum as a carrot in a pot and lean like a carrot roots holding the tooth in the gum filaments that do not fall out to eat something more rigid (ideally Turkish delight). Between the teeth and gums is an area with thin filaments ligaments, which allows the tooth even some flexibility neat wobble. The more strain on the tooth, the more you practice the filaments and the tooth is mounted in the gum. Of course, the effort must be such that the tooth neobrousil. It is therefore not the case for a modern soft food quickly without chewing sultanate effort to ensure that such gum, which are at least partially cleaned the top of the glass.

When brushing your teeth is a slight movement of his brush pressure on the tooth and the space filaments rinses. When the long period between cleaning can be about two minutes of cleaning experience foul odors, corrupt the content repository from the bottom of the tooth (or purse unless encapsulated) seemed to rinse the oral cavity.

On the surface enamel in less used areas creates a coating of microbes, which are quite vegetují and construct from food to shelters, which solidify after curing the so-called tartar, and allow better microbes resistant to acid etched enamel. They often takes many years to pierce mikroskulinkami to the nerve in which your voice screaming for help and with the help of friendly nerves will make you swollen tiger.

Tannic concoction to aerate or not to cool, because it devalues the atmospheric oxygen. Inhibit the oxidation of the year can be provided with alcohol, so there is a solution lihovodní Oak drops, the whole process easier on the effect of dripping a few drops or convenient to prime the affected area frequently during the day from a dispenser, because undiluted Dubovka not due to alcohol use to compress the mucosa.

Internally, tannin herbs served briefly in diarrhea, which suppresses overgrowth of pathogenic microbes in the gut wall.

The dental and other problems can also promote the immunity of Echinacea tea, chamomile, calendula, yarrow, thyme, goldenrod, sage, horsetail, and many other herbs. I am personally for this purpose for myself and others I make a mixture of thyme, a tea concentrate, which is not cooked, just spoon suspended in water and it's just a drink. Anti-inflammatory herb is better drink without food. But IF you insist on a mash of dried herbs (1 full teaspoon of herbs appointed on 2 ounces of water, infuse 10 minutes), it is possible to drink at any time.

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Pain in the Teeth, Gums and Herbs

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This article was published on 2011/03/10