Introducing Holistic Medicine

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Holistic medicine can include alternative treatment practices, T'ai Chi, meditating, dowsing for health and even medical astrology. Through the past few years, the curiosity in holistic medicine has grown drastically, simply because increasing numbers of people are becoming conscious of the real benefits these natural medical options may offer.

Produced from the Greek word, "holos", the term "holistic" means complete or unified. It actually refers to the process of recognizing the idea that living systems need to be regarded in their entirety. Therefore, a holistic healer is going to treat the full person, rather than being focused on their one complaint or warning sign. This can often mean responding to issues like diet, environment conditions, genetics and psychological health.

Energy of Life

Unlike traditional medicine, with the symptoms of the disease being treated, in holistic medicine the illness is looked at as a standard or overall imbalance of vital energy flow. This really is seen as a thing that can be remedied when all-natural healing methods are employed, under the most optimum conditions where the body can begin to self-heal. In this view of thinking, an ailment is just something you express, not a thing you have.

Balance of Life

A traditional doctor seeing a sick patient would be interested in discovering all about the condition the patient has, like signs and symptoms linked to it. On the other hand, a holistic therapist may be more aimed at the patient and their total background. They will want to not only know their medical history, but additionally their life style, diet, mental outlook, desires and so forth. It will help them see if there is an imbalance of life that could be causing the illness to happen.

The Body and Mind

Within the realm of holistic medicine, the human body and mind are viewed as one function, as opposed to independent mechanisms. There is also a real emphasis on mental and emotional states of being and the way these are connected to health and well-being. An additional holistic medical feature is it concentrates a lot on preventative systems. Many regular health professionals only see their patients if the patient is ill, but in holistic medicine, they see their patients frequently whether they are ill or not. This can help them remove the cause of disease and can help reinforce resistance to illness.
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Introducing Holistic Medicine

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This article was published on 2012/03/07